Tax Services

Growing your financial worth, especially in the face of ever-changing tax laws, requires strategic planning. SST Accountants & Consultants offers the added benefit of specific expertise in your industry sector, enabling us to provide proactive and responsive solutions to save you money.   

We provide tax services in these sectors and areas:

  • Tax Planning: Looking ahead is imperative to preserving earnings, and strategies must continually evolve. We keep our expertise current at all times.
  • Tax Controversy: We can prepare you to meet with federal or state tax authorities and equip you to protest or appeal IRS decisions.
  • Preparation of Tax Returns: Accuracy is the top priority when communicating with the IRS. We’ll prepare returns correctly and meet promised deadlines.
  • Representation before the IRS: If you face an audit, we’ll be there to represent you on the day of your appointment.
  • Tax Projections: We can help you make the best estimate of your expected tax burden for the following year, so you can prepare.
  • Transaction Planning: Certain business or investment transactions can impact your taxes. We’ll help you plan for tax consequences and look for ways to save money.
  • Tax Compliance Reviews: We can help you determine if you have the proper internal controls in place to remain compliant with the tax code.
  • Estate and Retirement Planning: It’s important to prepare your estate for the next generation. If you have beneficiaries in multiple locations, we can help you navigate the tax laws of each locale.

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