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SST Accountants & Consultants is a Dallas-based accounting firm providing taxaudit and business advisory services to education providers, nonprofits, and businesses. For more than 30 years, we’ve established a reputation and legacy of personal service, collaboration, and professional excellence. Our experience makes us particularly adept at supporting your long-term success as business cycles change.

Firm Organization

We are organized by market sectors, and our team members are immersed in the unique regulations of their sector. Our industry relationships and depth of knowledge offer special insight into your specific needs. We can understand your goals quickly, while being nimble, responsive, and innovative in developing tailored solutions.

Office Locations

SST Accountants & Consultants has offices in Dallas and Arlington, Texas, serving clients across the nation. We’re also a founding member of INTEGRA International®, a global association of independent firms. You can take advantage of our connections with more than 90 independent accounting, auditing, consulting, tax and business advisory firms located in major cities around the world.

Beyond the Numbers

SST Accountants & Consultants’ mission is to create success by serving others through trusted partnerships, and we provide strategies and solutions that add value through trust and expertise.

Accounting That’s Accountable

You come first. Our service prioritizes the needs of your business, maintains the well-being of our team, and builds a stronger community.

We respect each other’s contributions toward the success of the entire team. Every team member’s time and talent is valued.

Ethics begin at the top, and we accept nothing less than the highest professional accounting standards. We hold each other accountable.

We remain diligent and committed at all times to knowing your industry’s rules and regulations, while consistently refining our own processes and emphasizing   professional development for our team.

We’ll help you structure your organization to succeed through the natural ups and downs of a business cycle. We build our business for the long-term, too: The remarkable tenure of our team allows us to offer you a rare depth of knowledge and expertise.

We appreciate SST Accountants & Consultants’ industry knowledge of churches and the thoroughness of their audit. The friendly staff is always available to answer questions and willing to meet with our finance committee.

Jerry Pattillo
Minister of Administration
Northwest Bible Church


Our team is knowledgeable, but approachable.

The firms service stems from the quality of people on the SST team. Every person you’ll meet at SST is proud to act as a trusted advisor to our clients. Our team strives to be the best, and with that comes excellent service paired with a high level of experience and knowledge.


Our mission to serve goes beyond the office.

At SST Accountants & Consultants, community service is supported and encouraged. Our team members sit on the boards of nonprofit organizations and participate both individually and as a group in a wide range of charitable organizations and events.

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