Audit & Attest

You can confidently rely on SST Accountants & Consultants to perform outside verification services, because we stay on top of the latest rules and regulations in your industry sector and align with the most current accounting and auditing standards. Our vast experience allows us to work independently to reduce interruptions in your daily operations.

We also strive to go above and beyond providing a financial statement report. We can help you maximize planning opportunities ahead of an audit period by helping you with internal control review and more. We also provide management comments as part of the audit to improve your processes and outcomes.

We provide audits in these sectors and areas:

  • Career schools and colleges
  • Title IV Compliance
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Employee benefit plans
  • Financial statements
  • Government and compliance
  • Special procedures

In addition, we can assist you with the following:

  • Title IV Consulting
  • Financial statement reviews and compilations
  • Attestation letters
  • Internal control evaluations

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