Replacing Your Accounting Provider: How to Know It’s Time to Change

Is your gut telling you it’s time to replace your accounting provider, but the thought of changing seems more daunting than sticking with what you have? In this blog series, SST provides practical next steps on how to identify when it’s time to consider a change and how to select the right accounting provider for you.

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If you’re wondering if it’s time to change the professional or firm your organization is using for its accounting services, you may be right. Here are some valid concerns that shouldn’t be ignored:

  • You don’t have access to your accounting application
  • There’s significant turnover in the team responsible for your organization’s outsourced accounting
  • You question whether you’re using your accounting application in the most effective and efficient way
  • You suspect you may have outgrown QuickBooks Online
  • Your provider’s accounting guidance changes frequently – accounting standards don’t change very often, and this could be an indication that your provider isn’t familiar with your industry or the accounting rules specific to it
  • Your provider manually enters numerous transactions and entries – this is not necessary anymore thanks to cloud-based software platforms and can increase the likelihood of errors
  • You commonly find errors your provider has made
  • You feel like your provider doesn’t really understand your organization
  • Your provider makes accounting adjustments to prior months and/or years
  • You’re unsure if your financials are accurate

If any of the above situations are relevant to you and your organization, it may be time to consider replacing your accounting provider. On our next SST blog, we will offer several practical next steps you can take to ensure an efficient and stress-free change.