How K-12 Schools Can Streamline Their Financial Functions

Efficiency is the ability to make the best possible use of available resources and to maximize outputs from given inputs. K-12 school leaders must focus on ensuring that educational systems, processes and operations are as efficient and effective as possible, and finance is no different.

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Manual, time-consuming financial processes drain productivity and can frequently provide backward-looking, outdated information. Through automation and integration, today’s technology allows organizations to focus on forward-looking metrics while increasing accuracy, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness, and strengthening controls. Additionally, outsourced accounting services provide opportunities to access a full-service team with a breadth of expertise at a fraction of the time and money spent by an internal team.

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While change is difficult, it is often necessary. If your team is struggling with manual processes, disjointed systems, delayed month-end close and outdated reporting methods, it might be time to explore ways to streamline your school’s financial functions.

Complete the checklist available for download below, and schedule a free discovery call with Emily Cook to explore how your school can streamline its financial functions.

K-12 Financial Function Assessment Checklist