Taxpayer Notice: IRS Suspends Mailing of Additional Letters

In an effort to acknowledge their backlog of unopened mail and a shortage of personnel, the IRS recently announced a series of items to provide additional support to both individuals and businesses during this season.

Earlier this month, the IRS announced that they will no longer be sending automated collection notices, such as balance due notices and unfiled tax return notices, which are typically issued when a taxpayer owes additional tax.

This suspension was made because the IRS entered this tax season with millions of unprocessed tax returns due to pandemic-related challenges. Their hope is that the suspension will minimize the burden for both taxpayers and tax professionals until the IRS can work through its backlog.

If you or your organization happen to receive a notice within the next month, it is important to note that it might be outdated and there is no need to contact the IRS regarding the notice. However, if you believe that the notice may be accurate, it is best to act upon it to avoid penalties or fines. In any case, SST recommends contacting your tax or accounting professional to verify your next steps.

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