Replacing Your Accounting Provider: Selecting the Right Partner for You

Is your gut telling you it’s time to replace your accounting provider, but the thought of changing seems more daunting than sticking with what you have? In this blog series, SST provides practical next steps on how to identify and how to select the right accounting provider for you.

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As a final step in replacing your accounting provider, it’s important to consider the following questions during the selection process to identify the right professional for your organization.

  • Do they have extensive experience working with the type of industry that describes your organization (association, church, charity, foundation, small business, educational institute, etc.)?
  • Do they have CPAs on their team to oversee the work, provide high level guidance when you need it, and answer complex questions?
  • Do they provide bookkeeping or accounting and CFO services?
  • Do they have other accounting specialties in their organization? No one person can be an expert in everything, so having colleagues available in other areas of expertise like tax and audit means you don’t have to search for an additional partner to get the answers and service you need.
  • Do they communicate efficiently, effectively and clearly?
  • Do their organization’s values align with your organization’s values?
  • Have you met the team that would work with you directly? Are they a good fit for your team?
  • Do you have a clear understanding of what services would be provided versus what your organization would be responsible for? If deadline sensitive, is the proposed timeline doable by both parties?
  • Do they have a strong sense of customer service and seem to enjoy what they do?
  • Do you feel confident they have the knowledge and experience to meet your organization’s needs and add value?

Selecting a new CPA partner can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. For additional insight on selecting the right accounting partner for your organization, visit our blog resource page or contact our experts today.