Salmon Sims Thomas is Now SST Accountants & Consultants

Please note: This blog is current to the date of its publication, October 28, 2020. For more recent updates, contact SST’s experts.

By Bill Sims, CPA

Since joining Salmon Sims Thomas 25 years ago, I am encouraged every day by our team’s commitment to the values modeled by the firm’s founding partners – service, teamwork and integrity. Even with the nuanced challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, our team has upheld professional excellence by pivoting, innovating and collectively propelling the organization forward.

As the firm embarks on the next chapter of service, we’re pleased to announce that Salmon Sims Thomas is now SST Accountants & Consultants.

More than two decades ago, Ron Salmon and the late Rick Thomas built the pillars of SST: our core values, company culture and approach to client service. These still serve as the firm’s north star today. We’re grateful for their contributions in shaping the organization and are honored to recognize their leadership in our new name.

Our partners and associates carry deep admiration for the firm’s foundation with a continued eye toward the future. Throughout the past several years, SST has grown with new team members, expanded expertise and integrated service offerings. We’ve strengthened our capabilities and helped our clients make an impact beyond traditional accounting. By introducing “Accountants & Consultants” to our brand, we are making a firm-wide commitment through a forward-looking lens, focused on opportunity, expansion and continual professional excellence.

It is an honor to foster meaningful relationships with our clients, colleagues and associates, and we look forward to welcoming future opportunities as SST Accountants & Consultants.